Custom Cabinetry & Finish Work

Custom Cabinetry in Brookings, Oregon. We specialize in Custom Cabinetry and Fine Finish Work. To complete the look that is desired in your home or business, we have a fully-operational cabinet shop in Brookings. We can order all types of wood and materials for your cabinetry, furniture parts, trim and mouldings to give that room that extra-special look.

Rivers End Construction can solve all of your finishing needs. We have the capability for dimensional sanding and to finish large trim packages. A large spray booth is used for final finishing and Rudd Color Tools© are used for stain matching.

Other services we provide:
  • Full color-matching system, custom colors and stains
  • Dimensional sanding, re-sawing, carving
  • Countertops (granite, tile, laminate, butcher-block, corion)
  • Window trims, Styles, Mouldings, Doors and Casings, Crown Moulding and Baseboards
  • Hardware, appliance gadgets, pull-outs
  • Lighting